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When a tooth has moderate damage, it can now be repaired on the spot, with an inlay or an onlay. In the past, a tooth with the same decay may have needed a crown, but now, our dentist in Edmonds is happy to repair teeth with simple inlays and onlays from his dental center in Edmonds. These restorations remove only the damaged area and can patch it with incredible strength that matches the rest of the tooth.

An inlay lies between the cusps of a tooth while an onlay forms the cusps itself. Either way, these are tooth-colored restorations that are composite resins. Their strength lies in how they are bonded directly to teeth, unlike metal fillings that have to be packed in to stay in place.

Dr. Flugstadā€™s dental center in Edmonds loves the ways that inlays and onlays remove damage and patch teeth back to their original strength, all while looking great! This procedure can also be used during an Edmonds dental full-mouth rehabilitation treatment.

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My experiences at Dayton Dental have been exceptional! Everyone from the receptionist to the hygentist to the dentist provide amazing care and treatment.

Diane T. on Google

I have been going to Dayton Dental for over 15 years and I wont go anywhere else. All of the staff at Dayton Dental are professional, courteous and put the needs of the patient first. If I have questions Dr. Flugstad or one of his amazing staff will take the time to explain every aspect of my dental health.

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I have been going to Dayton Dental for over 10 years. The entire staff is truly amazing. They are professional, educated, informed, personable and just really good at what they do.

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I appreciate the long term approach that Dr Flugstad has for dental care. He keeps a close watch to the progress of my teeth, and doesn't do any unnecessary work. When I have a longer visit, I am able to watch TV while work is done on my teeth. Highly recommended!

Ivy D. on Google

My husband and I have been going to Dayton Dental for many years. Dr. Flugstad is truly a wonderful dentist! Very knowledgeable and kind. He doesn't do a procedure unless he feels it is absolutely necessary.

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Dr. Flugstad has been my dentist for the last five years. I would recommend him to anyone I know or care about if they are looking for a great, ethical, honest, caring dentist.

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