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"My experiences at Dayton Dental have been exceptional! Everyone from the receptionist to the hygentist to the dentist provide amazing care and treatment. There is no anxiety because the environment is a perfect mix of high professional standards and personal compassion. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Kudos for hygentist, Cheryl, for making each appointment as pleasant as possible."
- Diane T.
"I have been going to Dayton Dental for over 15 years and I wont go anywhere else. Although the entire staff at Dayton Dental are truly amazing, the only hygienist I’ll see is Cheryl, she is the absolute queen of her profession and the friendliest person; she makes a trip to the dentist something to look forward to. All of the staff at Dayton Dental are professional, courteous and put the needs of the patient first. If I have questions Dr. Flugstad or one of his amazing staff will take the time to explain every aspect of my dental health. If you are looking for a great dentist, I highly recommend Dayton Dental, Dr Flugstad and his amazing staff. You wont be sorry you picked this great place to take care of your teeth. "
- Noel K.
"I have been going to Dayton Dental for over 10 years. The entire staff is truly amazing. They are professional, educated, informed, personable and just really good at what they do. This office is a team and Dr. Flugstad has always given me, and my family, great customer service and outstanding dentistry. If you are looking for a dentist in the Edmonds area, I encourage you to give Dayton Dental a try! "
- Nancy P.
"My husband and I have been going to Dayton Dental for many years. Dr. Flugstad is truly a wonderful dentist! Very knowledgeable and kind. He doesn't do a procedure unless he feels it is absolutely necessary. The entire staff is great! The hygienist I see is Cheryl and she is top-notch! The waiting area and dental stations are clean and comfortable. I am very happy to be going to Dayton Dental for my dental care!"
- Jeri B.
"Visiting the dentist has been a pleasant and painless experience at Dayton Dental. Front desk staff are helpful and friendly. All the hygienists are thoughtful and have great insight and suggestions on what I'm doing well and what can be improved. I appreciate the long term approach that Dr Flugstad has for dental care. He keeps a close watch to the progress of my teeth, and doesn't do any unnecessary work. When I have a longer visit, I am able to watch TV while work is done on my teeth. Highly recommended!"
- Ivy D.
"I highly recommend Dayton Dental! Seeing the dentist had always been a traumatic experience for me until I found Dayton Dental many years ago. I had just been through gum surgery since my teeth had not being properly cleaned for years by other dentists/dental offices . Needless to say, I was scared and hesitant of any dentist and/or procedure. I spent many hours with Cheryl, one of the hygienists, by my side explaining what she was going to do and why. She is a perfectionist, very professional, reassuring and truly cares about her patient and their comfort level. Thank you Cheryl for your guidance, concern and support over the past years! Dr. Flugstad's exams are very thorough, he does excellent work and he does not do any unnecessary procedures. I do not reside in the Edmonds area and have to travel some distance for my dental appointments. Thank you Cheryl, Dr. Flugstad and staff for making my dental visits pleasant!"
- Beverly C.
"I've never enjoyed a medical office visit more. The staff is delightfully personable, yet honest and efficient in their evaluations. The work well with insurance companies to secure the best and most timely schedule for your particular needs. As an older gent, my dental care is increasingly vital to good health and quality of life. Dayton Dental assures that I maintain both."
- Hans K.
"Dr Flugstad is an excellent dentist with a positive attitude all around. He provides consistent techniques that make a great smile at the end of the appointment. I always appreciate the hard work Dr Flugstad and his staff provide their clients and recommend him as your dentist! Always treats me with the outmost respect and his practice brings in a family environment. Thank you for all your hard work and giving me a great smile."
- Stephanie P.
"In the numerous years I've been a patient at Dayton Dental Dr. Flugstad has only had to do one major procedure on my teeth. A crown on a molar which I'm happy to report has given me no problems. He has successfully replaced fillings also. The hygienist are a perfect complement to this practice answering any question I could possibly ask about my dental health."
- Diane M.
"Great dentist with an awesome staff! I have been going to Dayton Dental for 15+ years now. Dr. Flugstad is great, has a very friendly personality and does excellent work. Cheryl is the best hygienist I have ever seen. All around great staff. I have also added my wife and young daughter to their roster of regular patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Flugstad and his staff."
- Chris T.
"I have been going to this dentist for over 10 years now. The staff is very friendly, the office is nice and clean. The hygienists are professional and thoughtful, offering sunglasses so you don't have to stare directly into the light. They use technology well to aid i care. Digital photography for x-rays, for instance. They use flat screen TVs to show you where your problem areas are right in front of you. Over all, it is a fantastic office, and I cannot recommend them highly enough."
- Pegleg P.
"I have been a patient at Dayton Dental since 2002, and have nothing but complimentary things to say about the care and attention I’ve received from this first-class dental practice. Everyone is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and reassuring. Dr. Flugstad has been my dentist the past 5 years and his calm and thoughtful chair side manner has put me at ease - he has a unique blend of compassion, gentle touch, and skill. Cheryl has been my hygienist for 13 years now and I can’t imagine seeing any other hygienist – she keeps me on track with my health and appearance goals and is sincerely interested in offering the ideal care for my comfort and health (so I don’t have to fear my twice-yearly visits)! I'm happy to recommend Dayton Dental to anyone looking for excellent dental care and an exceptional dental care team."
- Jeff K.
"I have been using Dayton Dental since my children were very young.. they are adults now. We stayed with the clinic when Dr. Flugstad arrived to take over from Dr. Cave and we continue to be treated with professionalism,, courtesy, and a warm welcoming atmosphere. Dr. Flugstad's dentistry is highly skilled, as is his dental assistant and the hygienists. My teeth have never been in as good a condition. I highly recommend Dr Flugstad and staff."
- Rebecca R.
"For as long as I can remember I have been visiting this office and I must say, the wonderful team of hygienists at this practice are more than knowledgeable and always very personable. They communicate awareness and information regarding my teeth in a friendly nonjudgmental manner and always go out of their way to help in whatever way possible. The dynamic staff is led by Dr. Flugstad who always expresses his utmost professionalism and expertise. I have referred family and friends to this office, and without a doubt would recommend it to anyone! Great office, great location, great staff!"
- Nicole R.
"I do have some dental challenges which Dr Flugstad and his staff have managed for me. Cheryl has been my hygienist for years. She is great and I actually look forward to seeing her - although only twice a year. I couldn't be happier."
- Jackson L.
"Dayton dental is the BEST!!! Cheryl is the best hygienist I have ever had! She is prompt and professional. I have never had to wait which is very important for a busy professional. Dr Flugstad is thorough and careful as he evaluates my dental needs. And the office staff friendly and competent."
- Gwen L.
"I have been going to Dayton Dental for years, I've had bad Dentists in the past that are anything but gentle. Matt has a way that I hardly know he was there and then done. Cheryl is my dental hygienist also very kind a gentle (And she posts photos of our dog on her screen saver so every-time I visit I see our Lab looking back) Dayton Dental watches my progress and doesn't jump to do unnecessary work and works well with my insurance company. You are in good hands at Dayton Dental!"
- Rabbit W.
"Dayton dental has friendly staff and front desk staff. They complete the cleanings fast and with good quality. I received a tooth implant and they created and installed the tooth and it turned out great. Highly recommended."
- Madeline S.
"I have always dreaded going to the dentist and have had terrible experiences until finding Dayton Dental! After suffering a toothache, Cheryl and Dr. Flugstad were able to get me on the right track and get me the help I needed without hassle! Everyone throughout my experience at this office has been very friendly and welcoming."
- Patrick C.
"Going to the dentist is easy and painless at Dayton Dental. Cheryl keeps them in good condition and Dr. Flugstad double checks and fixes any problems they find."
- John S.
"Can't say enough about the friendly and professional staff at Dayton Dental. I recommend them to anyone who asks. Great service with a smile each and every visit."
- Jon L.
"My whole family goes to Dayton Dental and our experience has always been great. I really appreciate the first rate dental care I get from Dr. Flugstad. He's very thorough and honest. Couldn't ask for a better dentist."
- Doug B.
"This is the best dental clinic I've ever been to. Cheryl got my periodontis under control! She has guided me in oral care unlike anyone else ever has. Dr. Flugstad is friendly and also does excellent work. However, they do not carry my current insurance, so I have to find another dentist. Not sure I can equal the care I have received. I recommend them highly!"
- Pat S.
"I just love his front desk ladies! Jamie and Meghan are so friendly and knowledgeable. Such a nice place to go for dentistry."
- Justin P.
"I have been going to Dayton Dental for 10 years. My teeth (and gums) are in far better shape today then they were 10 years ago. Cheryl has educated me on simple things I can do with my home care to get excellent results. Dr. Flugstad is an ethical doctor that stands behind his work. In my experience, this is as good as it gets."
- Kerry P.
"I've been going to Dayton Dental for about 10 years. Since then, my mother, brother, husband, and daughter have started going here and they all have been very happy with the care they've received. Everyone is warm and friendly but also very professional at the same time. I love seeing Cheryl for my cleanings, but the whole staff is excellent and I've felt in very good hands no matter who I am with, including Dr. Flugstad's dental assistants. Dr Flugstad is an excellent dentist and you'll never feel like he's trying to sell you on something He's a professional with your best interests in mind. I recommend the office to anyone looking for a new dentist or a second opinion."
- Laura K.
"I am very much at ease everytime I visit. Cheryl is Awesome! I have always steered clear of the dentist but Dr. Flugstad and his awesome staff keep me smiling!"
- Scott D.
"Cheryl is the greatest! So gentle and always takes great care to make me as comfortable as possible during cleanings. Going to the dentist has been like going to visit a friend for a dozen years now. Everyone at the clinic is great! So welcoming and very professionally friendly. Appointments always start right on time. Dr. Flugstad is always very gentle and very responsive to feedback; always ready to take the time to answer any question in detail. The digital x-ray machine is amazingly more comfortable than the old cardboard wing x-rays, and I love being able to see my x-ray images up on the screen! I highly recommend Dayton Dental for all mouth care!"
- Amanda J.
"I hadn't been to the dentist in a very long time. Everyone was so welcoming, accommodating to my tough scheduling needs (didn't get annoyed when I had to cancel due to work) and I felt like I had been a patient there forever on my first visit. Dr. Flugstad was very gentle. I normally have a mini anxiety attack when I have to get shots in my mouth, but I hardly noticed any pain or discomfort when he was numbing up my face. The dental assistants and hygienists are great as well. I am actually looking forward to my cleaning in a few months. Thanks so much!!"
- Ellie E.
"All the staff at Dayton Dental are very professional, friendly and conscientious. Our interaction is primarily with Cheryl and Dr Flugstad. Both are great at what they do, and let us know what is going on before we even have a question. While going to the dentist is not at the top of most peoples "wish list", Dayton Dental makes going a very pleasant experience."
- Dave B.
"I have been coming to Dayton Dental for 14 years, and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Cheryl has always been my hygienist and I absolutely love her. She is honest, helpful, and gives me constructive criticism at each visit (plus she has the cutest slideshow of her patient's pets). Dr. Flugstad is also always so friendly and helpful when I come in to see him. Thank you Dayton Dental for the amazing care!! You guys are the best!"
- Melissa J.
"I have been going to Dr. Flugstad for the past several years and have extremely pleased with the service. Dr. Flugstad's dental hygienist, Cheryl is so gentle I look forward to my cleanings."
- Bill G.
"Dr Flugstad has performed several procedures on me, including crowns, veneers and repairing chipped teeth. Each procedure was done well and painless. The Doctor has always been professional and very caring. I enjoy the office staff as well. I don't think you can go wrong choosing Dayton Dental in Edmonds."
- Cheryl F.
"Excellent service, always very professional yet very friendly. The staff is respectful of the patient's time; appointments have always started on time, not 30-45 minutes later as I have experienced with other providers. Do a good job of educating the patient about preventive care, don't try to sell you unnecessary services just to increase the bill. Highly recommended!"
- Michael S.
"Wonderful DDS and staff!! They'd only seen me once but I had an emergency toothache over the weekend, and Dr Flugstad took care of me! Cheryl the hygienist is great too! Very friendly and professional. I recommend this office to anyone looking for a great dental experience!"
- Gayle L.
"I have been very happy with dayton dental. From the helpful and professional staff at the front desk, to the dental hygienist helping me keep up on my teeth, to dds Flugstad and never doing any work that didn't need to be done. I have been very happy with my decision to come here. I recommend them to my friends and family all the time."
- Kevin O.
"I have been a patient at Dayton Dental for almost 10 years and have always beyond satisfied with the level of care. It's a positive, professional, and friendly environment that I actually look forward to appointments. Dr. Flugstad is so knowledgeable & great at explaining everything, also doesn't advise unnecessary treatments (hard to come by these days). The Dr and my expert hygienist, Cheryl are so gentle and also very good at educating me about my care and preventative maintenance in a very down-to-earth way. Office staff is warm and friendly too. It's hard to find a good dentist and team and so, overall I can't imagine going anywhere else and feel happy to have found this place and the top-notch team."
- Shelby M.
"I have been a patient at Dayton Dental for 10+ years and they treat me like family. I have never had an issue, and enjoy every visit. Carla has been my hygenist since my first visit, and there has been very little turnover in staff, which really creates welcoming place when everyone is familiar. Dr. Flugstad and staff are very friendly and great at explaining and answering questions or concerns."
- Brad B.
"Outstanding service and professionalism. Dr Flugstad has a great team working to make sure the best care and treatment is received. I always have a good experience here and am very satisfied with the results. Highly recommend to others!"
- Jim S.
"My daughter and I have been patients at this office for a couple years and will not go anywhere else. Painless injections. very friendly office staff, VERY CLEAN, hygienest was awesome. Dr Flugstad is top notch! I highly recommend for all of your family's dental needs."
- Shelley R.
"I have been going o Dayton Dental for about 6 years now. The staff are WONDERFUL. They absolutely go out of their way to help you and they are super nice. Matt, the dentist who took the practice from Dr. Cave, is also great. They take really good care of my teeth and make referrals if necessary. I have good pain control during procedures. I can highly recommend them."
- Diane K.
"Dr. Flugstad seems nice and professional. The dental assistants do a great job educating the patients. Very clean, high-tech office and consistently friendly staff."
- Kyle B.


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